Body Shape Calculator

Dressing for your body shape is one of the easiest ways to improve the way you look with only a minimal amount of effort. However, before you can choose the appropriate clothes for your shape, you need to know what shape you actually are. Our body shape calculator is based on Trinny and Susannah’s 12 body shapes and since 2013 it has helped thousands of women find their shape with just a few short questions. We recommend that you undress in front of a mirror so you can really see the shape of your body in order to answer the questions better and it helps to be honest with yourself!

One thing to also bear in mind is that you may well be somewhere between two body shapes or a combination of two which is totally ok (unless you end up thinking you’re an Apple and a Column then you might want to try again!). The idea of determining body shape is to use it as a guide for the kind of clothes you should buy and there is a good deal of flexibility and mix and match in this so don’t be concerned if you’re not 100% sure about your shape.

If you answer the questions but still aren’t quite sure what body shape you are, take a look at the 12 body shapes overview to help you decide.