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The Column Body Shape


Well, it’s not rocket science, the Column body shape is long and straight! Generally Columns don’t have broad shoulders but their busts are the same width as their slender hips and they don’t have much in the way of a waist, tummy or bottom. Coupled with long legs this body shape is very much straight […]

The Cornet Body Shape


Cornets are a typical tom boy shape with broad shoulders, small breasts, not much waist and slim hips and long slim legs. However, tom boy or not, this is not to say they aren’t also feminine and glamorous. This is the shape fashion designers love with those large shoulders literally acting as a coat hanger […]

The Lollipop Body Shape


Ah the Lollipop – the ultimate glamour shape! Countless A list celebrities are classic Lollipops – think Angelina Jolie and you’ll know what we mean. The defining features of the Lollipop are large but not heavy boobs, slim hips, proportionally small waist and long elegant legs. Whist its true Lollipops don’t have to work as […]

The Cello Body Shape


Cellos are in the same body shape group as the Hourglass and Vase but are at the decidedly chunkier end of the scale whilst still being all woman with glorious curves to celebrate. Played correctly this impressive stature can create sweet music for Cellos, it’s all about daring to show yourselves off a little! Many […]

The Brick Body Shape


Bricks are notable for not having any particularly prominent body areas and normally have broad shoulders, no defined waist or bottom and rather thick thighs and calves which can lead to a square masculine look. Many Bricks go for the option of baggy clothes to try to cover up what they see as a troublesome […]

The Vase Body Shape


The Vase is very similar to the classic Hourglass body shape but stretched a little producing one of the most elegant body shapes. Generally Vases don’t have such pronounced small waists and have less rounded bottoms, which are the two differences that separate them from Hourglass ladies. With the longer frame and all those wonderful […]

The Goblet Body Shape


The Goblet is the classic tomboy shape with broad shoulders and not much of a waist to bring some female curves but do not despair, some of the world’s most glamorous women are Goblets – it’s just a case of accentuating the positive which for many Goblet’s is those lovely long legs and good bust […]

The Bell Body Shape


The Bell shape is often simply the result of a bit of middle age spread. In younger years you Bells may have been fairly petit with a nicely rounded bottom but further into life this round peach has succumbed to a bit of middle aged spread. This throws your whole body out of proportion and […]

The Pear Body Shape


Ah the classic Pear! This much maligned and most common of all body shapes is often not viewed very positively and carries a rather frumpy and drab image. This is totally unfair though and has lots of advantages. To start with because around 60% of UK women between 18 and 30 are Pears and this […]

The Skittle Body Shape


The Skittle is characterized by a long slim upper body which gets wider at the middle. This is not the same as the classic Pear shape as this is accompanied by a bigger bottom and saddlebags because despite their long legs, Skittles carry much more of their weight around the thighs which you’ve probably gone […]

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