The Apple Body Shape

The Apple Body Shape

Not surprisingly, roundness is the defining feature of the Apple body shape. You are generally soft and have the kind of body that people love to cuddle (you lucky thing!). The not so lucky part is that this body shape is often rather a challenge to find good clothes for which leads lovely Apples to simply cover themselves with meters of fabric to obscure what they see as a difficult body shape.

However, this need not be the case – you’ve got wonderful assets many flat chested ladies would die for and these should form the focus of your look, keep the eyes up top and don’t invite them to spend too much time lower down. As you are well blessed in the bust, you should invest in a good bra. We hope you now know about the simply inexcusable fashion crime of ill fitting bras and you Apples of all body shapes need the right size to make the most of your bust line so please, please, get measured at a good old fashioned undies emporium, preferably by the oldest sales attendant in the shop who has been sizing up boobs since before you had any.

Keep away from any tight fitting clothes and go instead for flowing fabrics that hang majestically from your bosom. This isn’t code for please buy the biggest kaftan in the shop and hide in it, we mean flattering flowing garments not shapeless tents that are simply too big.

Keep away from:
Tight T shirts, particularly large shapeless ones.
High wasted trousers.
Anything that adds bulk to you (padded jackets etc).

Take a look at:
Tops that are tight under the breasts.
Side fastening pleated skirts.
Tops with gathered fabric around the stomach that emphasise the bust line.
Straight cut coats.

Ideas for Apples

If you think you aren’t an Apple and have broader shoulders but no defined waist you might be a Goblet or Brick instead.

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  • You confirmed what I already knew about dressing my pear shaped body Very difficult to find pants though without the butt and leggs being too big. That makes me look so much larger.