The Brick Body Shape

The Brick Body Shape

Bricks are notable for not having any particularly prominent body areas and normally have broad shoulders, no defined waist or bottom and rather thick thighs and calves which can lead to a square masculine look. Many Bricks go for the option of baggy clothes to try to cover up what they see as a troublesome body shape but this normally only makes things worse as loose garments just hang off the broad shoulders emphasising the whole brick like shape.

The key to dressing well as a Brick is to try to reduce the masculine elements in your shape as much as possible and this is entirely possible, super glam Kim Cattrall is a classic Brick for example. The way to do this is to not be afraid to go a little over the top because your frame can easily carry glamorous and bold styles that many women would not even be able to attempt.

Keep away from:
Bulky, broad shouldered jackets that make you look even bigger.
Anything that emphasises the width of your upper body (double breasted jackets etc.).
Very short skirts.
Trousers that do not hang naturally.
Clumpy, un feminine shoes.

Take a look at:
Anything that creates a waist, such as tightly belted jackets.
Empire line coats.
Loose but not too big trousers.
Gently draping jersey tops.
Asymmetrical skirts that drape nicely over your hips.
Tops with a pattern to break up the larger body area.

Brick Clothes
Bold Lines and Glamour

It is undeniable that Bricks find it more difficult to be feminine than many other body shapes but it is not at all impossible and carefully chosen clothes can bring excellent results.

If you think the Brick shape is not quite you, have a look at the Column which is similar to the Brick but not so stocky.