The Cello Body Shape

The Cello Body Shape

Cellos are in the same body shape group as the Hourglass and Vase but are at the decidedly chunkier end of the scale whilst still being all woman with glorious curves to celebrate. Played correctly this impressive stature can create sweet music for Cellos, it’s all about daring to show yourselves off a little!

Many Cellos are aware that they’re not the most delicate of ladies and this is undeniably true if dressed a certain way but the answer is so simple – dare to be bold and wear things those waifish little women would be overwhelmed in! You magnificent Cellos have what it takes to carry off almost anything in terms of boldness and can try strong prints or fussy details that would simply swamp other body shapes.

The biggest obstacle Cellos face is looking good in jeans or trousers and this can be a very difficult act to pull off. Try well fitting wide leg trousers as an alternative – they have the effect of smoothing your shape and making your thighs look smaller. Slightly longer trousers that nearly touch the floor will also help by elongating your leg and making your shape look sleeker.

Keep away from:
Short skirts.
Pencil skirts.
Tight jeans.
Boots that add bulk to your ankles.

Take a look at:
Wide tops.
Coats with flared cut and strong lapels.
Simple wide trousers.
Pleated or panelled skirts.
Platform wedge shoes.

Cello Clothes
Bold and Beautiful is Great for Cellos

Keep the bottom half simple and don’t draw too much attention to it and don’t be afraid to use what Mother Nature gave you to put on a bold, show stopping display up top!

If you think the Cello body shape is not quite for you, take a look at the Hourglass or Vase instead.


  • I think I fit the cello shape… my measurements are 38-34-41 and I stand at 5’2.

    I hate wearing pants because it makes my thighs look massive! So I mostly stick to dresses and skirts. I love wearing dresses that show off my waist… but sometimes, I wish I could wear those jeans!

    What do you guys think?

    • Hi Aisling,

      Yes I think you are a Cello and the trousers and jeans thing can certainly be difficult. There aren’t too many tricks in the body shape tool box for this particular issue, really the only options are wide legged trousers (which could work really nicely for you if your shape is such that you’re happy to show off your waist) and helping to elongate and slim your legs by wearing trousers that nearly touch the ground. Trousers with good heavy fabric can also hang quite nicely if they fit just right and with your good waist as a positive curve to hang them from, they can flow over your thighs and straight down to the floor, giving a smoothing effect.

  • Hi! I’m having some serious issues trying to decide which body shape I fit in. My body measurements are 36-27-35, but my shoulders measure at 39 inches. I thought I might have a Cello body shape, but I stand at 5 feet 5 inches and only weigh round 58 kg.

    Please reply whenever possible. Thanks!

    • Hi Iklishi,

      No, from your height and weight it doesn’t sound like you’re a Cello but from the curves you mention you sound very much more like an Hourglass, which is actually in the same body shape group as the Cello along with the Vase.

  • Please can you help. Im having problems determining my shape and have so far been told I am a cello, apple, pear and rectangle! My measurements are 39, 33, 40 but with slim thighs, im 5’8. Thank you so much.

  • Forgot to say, shoulders and hips are equal but I carry weight on my stomach. Thanks

    • Hi Emma,

      Hmmm, that’s a lot of different body shapes!

      Being a Cello would depend on your overall size really but you’re reasonably tall and have slim thighs which certainly isn’t a characteristic of a Cello, so this seems quite unlikely.

      Even though you say you carry weight on your stomach, from your vital statistics you seem a long way away from the Apple which is all about having a big middle.

      The difference between your bust and hips isn’t really enough to make you a Pear, particularly with what you say about your shoulders and hips being equal and having thin thighs.

      You’re too curvy to be a rectangle I think but we don’t use this body shape because it’s not very specific.

      So I think you are either an Hourglass or Vase which are very closely related shapes are both easy to dress!

  • Hi, Hope I get some help here…!
    My measurements are 42-36-43…I have broad shoulders that exactly balance my hips. My height is 5’6″…

    I mostly put on weight on my lower part of the body when dont work out…Can I get to know my body shape? As I’m damn confused…am I cello?

  • Moreover, I’m curvaceous…to the extent that Nothing seems to fit in while I shop and I end up buying stuff that needs further amendments :-/

    • Hi Nora,

      Yes from what you’ve said, it does sound quite like you’re a Cello. It can be a challenge to find clothes that fit really well for this body shape. If at all possible, try to keep in mind the theme of being bold and not being afraid to try something different that you might naturally tend to shy away from a little. Good luck!

  • I am puzzled, which shape am I? Cello or hourglass? I also don’t have saddlebags. PErhaps a Skittle? I am 42(36G)-34-45

    • Hi Jaded,

      Did you try the body shape calculator? It’s a bit difficult to make a good guess without more information about your shape beyond the vital statistics.

  • Hi. Please help me as I’m confused whether I am a cello or hourglass. In the question about plus size, I selected No because I wear UK size 10 and rarely size 12. But I am short, 5’3 only. I have 29” waist and 40” hips. My back is very narrow but I have huge breasts (32DD). I also have some tummy around my navel and below but no padding on the sides of my waist. My thighs are heavy but not wider than my hip.
    Please help.

  • I also forgot to mention that I am 20 and in college and I hate hate hate the fact that I can’t carry off skinny jeans tucked in Uggs, very ruffled or balloon tops that everyone else wears. Skirts and dresses and high heels are what I wear. And feel overdressed!! Till date I have not even found a pair of Jeans that fit my rear and thighs and don’t fall off my waist.

    • Hi Sue,

      Yes the “are you a plus size” question isn’t always very helpful for ladies who aren’t that tall. Obviously a UK 10 is absolutely nowhere near a plus size so it’s probably more helpful for you to think in terms of whether some clothes lead to a more chunky look that you’d like. If this is a yes it doesn’t rule out being an Hourglass but could make the Cello shape more likely which does seem like a good fit from what you say about your bust, thighs and tummy. Hope that helps!

  • I’m pretty confused as to what shape I am…
    My measurements are 52-38-53,with my shoulders being 53.I look more hourglass out of clothes,but not quite.My stomach isn’t flat,though it was smaller when I was smaller,of tend to carry my belly fat lower down somewhat across my hips and if I start to lose weight,I normally lose it in my ribcage and top of hipbones,which sometimes makes my stomach stand out more.
    Compared to the rest of me,my calves are normally pretty slim.Maybe I’m inbetween a cello and an hourglass?

    • Hi Jennifer,

      Yes I think you’re right that your shape is between a Cello and an Hourglass – these two body shapes are very closely related, the main difference generally being the overall size.