The Column Body Shape

The Column Body Shape

Well, it’s not rocket science, the Column body shape is long and straight! Generally Columns don’t have broad shoulders but their busts are the same width as their slender hips and they don’t have much in the way of a waist, tummy or bottom. Coupled with long legs this body shape is very much straight up and down so, not surprisingly, the key to making Columns look good is to try to introduce a little shape and emphasise (or indeed create) some curves.

The good news for all Columns is that this look is actually not at all difficult to achieve and you lucky ladies will get wonderful results for the minimum effort. Go for dramatic cuts for your upper body, anything angular or bold that draws the gaze to its extreme edges and gives the illusion of shape. Avoid like the plague anything that just hangs straight down or is shapeless and has no detail.

Keep away from:
Anything shapeless, particularly long coats and dresses.
Straight dresses.
Crop tops.

Take a look at:
Round neck pullovers.
Belted coats with hip pockets.
Cropped trousers.
A-line skirts.
Flared trousers (but don’t overdo it!)
Big accessories to add shape.

Columns Need Shape
Bring Some Shape with Lots of Detail

You Columns are in very good company with many celebs sporting this body shape and it is very easy to dress to impress. Just emphasise the waist and avoid anything that just hangs shapelessly and it’s job done!

If you feel the Column is not quite right, you may be a Lollipop or Cornet instead.


  • Hi
    The only critcism I have is that the emphasis is on tall and long people. You can be slim and short and not short, fat and dumpy.
    All the best, Sarah x

    • Hi Sarah,
      Yes I understand what you’re saying. I think the best way to look at it is to try to keep relative proportions in mind rather than absolute size. When we look at the column body shape for instance, the majority will be quite tall women but if a shorter lady lacks defined curves and her width is still narrow relative to her height, she’s still a column, just a shorter one!

  • I am a column but i have trouble finding clothes that fit me properly. I have found this out the hard way when i tried on a babydoll style dress and it made me look heavier than i actually am. I am going on holiday soon and i would like to find the perfect fitting dress to go out in. Can you please give me some advice?

    • Hi Abi,

      If the babydoll dress was the sort that is gathered very high under the bust rather than the type that have more of a standard waist that may have been the problem, if not it could just be this type of dress doesn’t work for you. The best bet is still to concentrate on the column’s secret weapon of clothes that try to maximize the waist and/or give the illusion of there being more curves. This combined with accessories or detail to add more dynamism to the column shape should bring results.

  • hi,

    before have my baby 2 years ago, i was definatley a column………..i am substatially wider now and really struggle to find flattering clothes……its my 30th birthday soon…was thinking a bodycon with the slimming shape giving pattern on it…should i or shouldnt i?

    • Yes I definitely think a bodycon dress might flatter you, particularly if you were a column before the baby so have that longer frame – good luck!

  • Well, the thing is, I have the column shape, but I have always been… large? I mean I am 6 ft 11, with a naturally large chest and wide hips. I’m not in any way petite. :/ Anytime I look up things for my body, they suggest clothes to give me curves. My top has no problem with that because I have cleavage out the wazoo. I also have the wide hips which make the slight appearance of bottom curve.
    The lowest weight I can go is 170 because of my bone structure. Otherwise I end up looking sickly.
    Any tips? I mean, I am not fat. I am just the definition of full-figured, without the chub part.
    43,35,43 are my measurements.

    • Hi Carol,

      LOL, I saw your other post – I’m glad you worked out you’re a Vase – it sounds spot on for you!