The Goblet Body Shape

The Goblet Body Shape

The Goblet is the classic tomboy shape with broad shoulders and not much of a waist to bring some female curves but do not despair, some of the world’s most glamorous women are Goblets – it’s just a case of accentuating the positive which for many Goblet’s is those lovely long legs and good bust line.

Large shoulders and the wide back that go with it tend to set the theme of this body shape followed by large boobs and often a bit of tummy so there is a big tendency for things to look a bit boxy, square and masculine. The antidote to this? Simple – short skirts and high heels! Show those lovely long legs that so many ladies would love – these slender, shapely pins are your best part so make the most of them.

Also make sure your bras keep those boobs up and away from your waist to help steer you more towards the Hourglass shape by separating the different body elements and creating some space in your frame for the curves to show through. Don’t be afraid to invest in some good shapewear to smooth any lumps and further enhance your shape.

Keep away from:
Any kind of baggy trousers – show those legs!
Chunky shapeless knitwear.
Double breasted jackets.

Take a look at:
Wide and low necked tops.
Tight skirts.
Fitted jackets that end at the waist.
Low cut slim jeans.
Feminine but robust heels.

Fitted Jackets and Solid Heels

Properly dressed this body shape can be endlessly glamorous and graceful and many A list celebs are glammed up Goblets.

If you think you are similar to the Goblet but this isn’t quite right, you could be a Brick or an Apple.


  • I’m unsure about my body type. I do have broad shoulders and medium/biggish breasts for my frame like a Goblet but I don’t have a protruding stomach or a broad back. My waist is well-defined. I have long fairly slim legs like a Goblet and average hips. So I’m confused.

  • Hi Lara,

    I think it sounds like you probably are a Goblet or very close. Although Goblets can have some tummy, it isn’t at all a strong feature of the body shape so if you have broad shoulders and a good size bust combined with long and fairly slim legs, the goblet seems like the best bet.

  • I’m not sure if I’m a goblet or a cornet. I’m big on top and get smaller to the bottom have a square type of shape nice legs but I’m short and also have short legs. I don’t have very large breasts but have broad shoulders. Not very defined waist.

    • Hi Nina,

      From what you say it sounds like you might be neither a cornet nor goblet. These body shapes both have the large shoulders you mention but both tend to be body shapes for taller women with long legs which you seem to not be. Is it possible you could be a brick?

  • Thank you for you’re help. The only thing that bothers me a bit is that I don’t have thick thighs or calves. I have rather thin legs. My mesurements in cm is. Bust 100cm. Waist 87. Hips 90.

  • i am not completely sure if i have a goblet body. because i have very big boobs, thick waist, short and stout legs with broad shoulders…. so i would like to know if i fit in a goblet

    • Did you try the body shape calculator? If not give it a try to see what it suggests 🙂