The Lollipop Body Shape

The Lollipop Body Shape

Ah the Lollipop – the ultimate glamour shape! Countless A list celebrities are classic Lollipops – think Angelina Jolie and you’ll know what we mean. The defining features of the Lollipop are large but not heavy boobs, slim hips, proportionally small waist and long elegant legs. Whist its true Lollipops don’t have to work as hard as other body shapes to look good, being this shape is certainly not without its challenges.

One big disadvantage Lollipop shaped ladies face is the fact that virtually no high street fashion is designed with their body shape in mind. With 60% of the UK falling into the Pear body shape, simple economics means the fashion industry now concentrates heavily on this body shape which causes problems for Lollipops because not only are they not Pears, they are exactly the opposite with their top halves much bigger than their bottoms.

Lollipops should concentrate on styles that even out their figures a little to make the proportions balanced and should try to broaden the shoulders and hips a little to smooth that often top heavy look that can be too boob focused.

Keep away from:
Polo neck sweaters.
Chunky knitwear.
Anything that simply hangs loosely from the bust.
High waist trousers.

Take a look at:
Skirts with details on the hip.
Fluted skirts.
Flared trousers.
Full length coats that button under the bust.
Gathered dresses.
Slim high heels.

Lollipop Clothes Ideas
Broad Shoulders and Glamour

Whilst not the most challenging body shape to dress, finding the right cuts and styles can be a challenge in this predominantly Pear shaped world but with Mother Nature on your side, you lucky Lollipops can get great results without too much effort.

The two body shapes closely related to the Lollipop are the Cornet and Column so take a look at these if you think you might not be a Lollipop.

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  • I’m like a lollipop, but not quiet… i can’t find a class. I’m not long, i’m quiet short, but i am skinny, i have virtually no hips and a undefined waist… but my boobs are 34E… My sholders aren’t broad, though if they were i’d be placed in the inverted triangle class….