The Pear Body Shape

The Pear Body Shape

Ah the classic Pear! This much maligned and most common of all body shapes is often not viewed very positively and carries a rather frumpy and drab image. This is totally unfair though and has lots of advantages.

To start with because around 60% of UK women between 18 and 30 are Pears and this grows every year, the rather set in its ways fashion industry has finally had to admit that only 6% of women are the classic Hourglass shape that much of its output was based on. This means a lot of off the peg clothes on the high street are naturally made for you lucky Pears so dressing to impress is just a case of choosing wisely.

There is often the idea that Pears are overweight and this can also be totally untrue, Trinny is a Pear not because she’s chubby but because her thighs are just a bit bigger than the rest of her – and none of its very big! Pears have all the good stuff going on up top and this is always a huge bonus, back, boobs and arms are usually all winners so its just a question of emphasising them to naturally balance everything below the waist.

Keep away from:
Pencil skirts.
Tight cut jeans.
Pencil skirts.

Take a look at:
Anything that enhances your shoulders.
Strapless dresses with generous skirts.
A-line skirts (long ones only).
Coats with belts.
Flat fronted wide leg trousers.

Pear Body Shape Clothes Ideas

Just keep the focus on your lovely slim top and the rest will naturally follow.

The classic Pear shape has two closely related body shapes that are subtly different, the Bell and the Skittle, so take a look at those too to help you decide.

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  • I think I’m a pear, but my shoulders are quite broad – as wide as my hips, and I think as long as I balance things well I can get away with skinny jeans. I also disagree about the pencil skirts – just look at Sandra Bullock in pencil skirts in The Proposal – she looks incredible! I find if I’m going through a slim phrase, as long as I elongate my legs with great heels I look fantastic in a pencil skirt. If I put on weight it doesn’t work.
    I find my worst feature is my chunky arms – I think strapless tops look awful on me – I look too boyish with chunky arms and a flat chest.