The Skittle Body Shape

The Skittle Body Shape

The Skittle is characterized by a long slim upper body which gets wider at the middle. This is not the same as the classic Pear shape as this is accompanied by a bigger bottom and saddlebags because despite their long legs, Skittles carry much more of their weight around the thighs which you’ve probably gone to great lengths to cover up over the years. Sadly focusing on what’s below the waist often leads to neglecting your shapely arms and small waist which are real winners that many other body shapes lack.

Fortunately, the Skittle is one of the less challenging body shapes to dress well because the top half usually in good proportion so this is a great start and tops that suggest elegance are your wardrobe’s secret weapon. It is quite easy to cover your larger lower part whilst accentuating the top half, just avoid going overboard by trying to cover your whole body with baggy shapeless clothes – there’s not much work to do here and you don’t need to hide yourself!

Skirts are good for Skittles, not above the knee or it will lead the eye straight to your thighs or even make them look bigger than they are. Trousers that hang from your bum to the floor will ease the pounds off your thighs if you do it right but never wear anything other than full length trousers or they will shorten your legs and again increase the size of your thighs. Fitted tops to show off that lovely small waist are a winner because once everyone sees how slim you are there they will already have made up their minds you’re a skinny woman so won’t look at your thighs!

Keep away from:
Short cut jackets that emphasise your bum.
Cropped trousers.
Pencil skirts.
Stretch trousers.

Take a look at:
Anything for your top half that has some colour or detail to draw the eye upwards.
Fitted dresses with flared skirts.
Shorter fitted jumpers.
High heeled shoes to make those legs longer and slimmer.

Skittle Body Shape Fashion Ideas

If you’ve decided you aren’t a Skittle, you’re probably in the right body group but the wrong body shape, try looking at the Pear or Bell instead.

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  • I find it really hard to identify my body shape. I’ve considered Skittle and Hourglass, and possibly also Vase and Cello. The trouble is that I can’t seem to figure out whether I have a short waist or not. I wouldn’t say that I have a long torso, but is it short or normal – I just don’t know! Is there a trick to figuring this out?