Trinny and Susannah’s 12 Body Shapes

Trinny and Susannah refine the basic female body shapes to include twelve distinct body types as a basis for selecting the best clothes – which one are you?

Trinny and Susannah Body Shapes

Group 1 Body Shapes – Broad shoulders no defined waist.

The Apple

This body shape is characterized by the tummy being the largest part and a generally rounded and soft shape.

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The Brick

No surprisingly the Brick’s overriding characteristic is a squareness and lack of curves.

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The Goblet

Broad shoulders and no defined waist are what mark the Goblet shape.

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Group 2 Shapes – Breasts and hips similar size

The Hourglass

Feminine curves abound with generous bosom and hips and a small waist give the classic Hourglass figure.

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The Vase

Vase are basically stretched Hourglasses, the same curves but on a generally taller frame.

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The Cello

Broad shoulders like the Goblet but with a more curvy waist.

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Group 3 Body Shapes – Hips wider than shoulders

The Pear

The classic pear shape doesn’t mean chubby it is about weight distribution with more below the waist than above with larger thighs and calves.

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The Skittle

Smaller bottom than the Pear and no saddlebags, skittles generally are longer but still with weight around their thighs.

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The Bell

Small shoulders and small, short waist with a large bottom and thighs.

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Group 4 Body Shapes – Everything Else!

The Column

Generally taller, Columns have shoulders the same size as hips, slim waists and long legs.

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The Lollipop

Generous bosom, long legs, slim waist and hips are the hallmarks of Lollipop ladies.

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Boyish and athletic, cornets have smaller breasts, broad shoulders and longer legs.

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